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Mon Valley Region of the AACA

The Mon Valley Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America was formerly established in 1971 by seven young car enthusiasts.

At that time there was only a Western PA Region to the AACA .  The Southwest Region forming petition to the AACA was in response to the particularly long travel distances needed to attend the then Western Pa Regional meetings. A new Region was the answer and the AACA agreed.

Since then, many  AACA Regions have been carved from the  once very large Western Pa Region; among them the Mon Valley Region.

MVR has survived over forty years as an AACA Region.  The beginning enrollment was meager and over time grew to a substantial number.  Every member is a car enthusiast – or married to one.  Supposedly there is little distinction there.  Like most clubs that are older MVR had a hay-day of membership.  The kinds of cars during the organizing days of MVR are much different from the most popular collector cars of today, but that should not matter as the DNA of the enthusiast is the same.  Even among ourselves the Model Ts of the pre-1920s chug along with the Judges, Mustangs, and Studebakers of the 60s and 70s.  There are all types of cars to collect and omitting one for another in the Mon Valley Region is irrelevant.  Gosh, you don’t even have to have a car – old or otherwise.  You just have to like them.

MVR is a club that travels on its stomach – Like Patton’s army, we love our chow.  We plan our social calendar, tours, and events pretty much around a particular car oriented, or at least historic destinations, but one thing’s for sure food is never far from mind regardless of the destination.  We travel, talk, and eat as a group when we can and the rest of the time we tend our cars for the net event.  Check out our pages for some flavor of the club and its activities.  You could well find a home here at MVR.


MVR Board members for 2020:

President – Russ Redshaw
Vice President – Jim McCune
Treasurer – Fran McCune
Secretary – Bill Maurer
Safety Director – Dave Tomasic, interim safety director
Tour and Social Director – Tom Milan
Director-at-large/webmaster/editor – Dave Tomasic

Please direct contact of board members via  [email protected]

Many photos that appear on this site are archived on MVR’s Flickr.
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