Annual MVR Picnic 2019

monvalleyadmin October 8, 2019ArticlesFeature

This year the MVR held its annual picnic in Mingo Park.  The warm day was cloudy and threatened rain that held off passed the planned end time. 

As usual there was plenty of food: burgers and other meats were cooked on the scene by our president Russ Redshaw. Members always have lots to discuss. Despite disappearing plates of delicious food, there was a constant buzz of conversation with this being the first meeting of the club since the May general meeting.

As always, events always seem to end too soon. Mother Nature, although offering only a single short sprinkle, was indicating more was brewing. We all left dry but under darkening skies; a few of us absorbed some water on the way home.

One thought on “Annual MVR Picnic 2019

  1. We all had a great time. I am glad to see many friends getting together to break bread, however I don’t understand why nobody wanted to play volleyball.

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