December 2018 President’s Message

monvalleyadmin December 24, 2018President's Message

Hi Fellow Members,

            It is hard to believe another year is coming to an end. 2018 was one of ups and downs for me. The downs – problems I have  with my hip and arthritis. The ups being the fun that Ruth and I have enjoyed with the MVR tours, picnics, dinners and the get together with all you folks. The apex for me was finishing the Riviera and driving it to Hershey this past October and getting a lot of positive comments. It’s always good to have people appreciate your work, after it is why we do what we do.

            We had some nice tours to Sugar Creek, Ohio and Marietta, Ohio as well as a few local tours. This is all part of people in the club to set up, make reservations and sometime even make pre-runs to the places and sites we intend to tour. I want to thank everyone that has worked to make the 2018 season a success. Also many thanks everyone attending these functions. Poor turnout would mean work done in vain.

            If you were not at the annual Christmas affair this year you missed a great meal and party. the |Yearly event is well worth attending. I would like to thank Frances McCune and Ruth Redshaw, Etta Logue and Shirley Musisko for the work they did to make it a good time for all. Our activity director Tom Milan did a good job this summer, thank you Tom. An applause goes to our Communication Director Dave Tomasic for the work he does in making our meetings more interesting with the videos he puts together.

            I can only hope and pray that 2019 will be as good or even a better year for the members of the Mon Valley Region of the AACA. We will start the new year with our Annual Dinner on January 26, 2019 at the Eagles Nest II Restaurant located at the Rostraver Airport. The details yet to be formalized. This dinner is very important to attend, we will be finishing the nominations for Board of Directors as well as voting these folks into their new positions. You know the adage – you have to be present to decline a nomination.

            I hope to see you all at the Dinner and All our tours this new year 2019.

Rus Redshaw


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