Ten years a member, would you join again?

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I have been a member of the MVR for nearly ten years.  In that span, I spent most of my Read More

Where have all the car hobbyists gone?

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What Has Changed Cars are not what they used to be.  Today‚Äôs production models are truly near if not completely Read More

Gary Cooper Recognized

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Fallowfield Township which I am a Supervisor (Wib Caldwell) and current chairman has been recognizing residents who have had businesses Read More

Museum for a Day, June 7?

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     On Valentines Day a majority of the MVR Board of Directors traveled to the Greensburg Museum of Modern Read More

President’s Message – February 2020

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Hello Fellow Members, At our Annual Meeting we concluded the 2019 season went well. 2020 is promising to be memorable. Read More

MVR VP Plays Supporting Role

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A picture is worth a 1000 words.  What story would you write? MVR VP Jim McCune steadys governor Wolfe’s ladder Read More

Annual MVR Picnic 2019

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This year the MVR held its annual picnic in Mingo Park.  The warm day was cloudy and threatened rain that Read More

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