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   The MVR Website has been recognized with a mark of distinction from the AACA Newsletter/Website judges.web award 2015

Your website started in April of 2014 and developed for a year before it was entered into the review process by your webmaster.   Lots of work goes into keeping a website up to date.  The bottom line to any ongoing success,  NewsLetter or WebSite, is the responsibility of the members in providing incentive, and content.  Media exposure of any group these days is dependent on three things: content, content, and content.  There has to be fresh views, visions, new angles on old topics, actions and interactions.  Something, anything on any voluntarily used website has to capture a viewer’s attention faster than his/her ability to click away to someone else’s link.

Having a Region website was a vision for MVR that took a while to to implement.  Ours is one of a few  Region/Chapter websites wholly hosted by the AACA through a program to investigate the effectiveness of sponsoring affiliate sites.  The possibilities this experiment will cease to exist is real and so, an eventuality that as a Region, MVR will needs to be prepared to face.  Do we continue or go back to Newsletters?   We are relying on public domain and free services to assist our content provision.  As it is, the cost to the club has been virtually non-existent which has been a kindness to our bottom line.  As much as $200 dollars a year would be a low base value to hosting our own site with all volunteer effort to maintain it. has helped us keep those 20 silver dollars in the treasury.

Now, to assess our position in the realm of reviewed websites it is helpful to know the awards available.  From top award to lowest: Webmaster, Excellence, Distinction, and Merit are the categories.  The names of the winners of Distinction and Merit awards are not published by the AACA at all.  We are a young site, and likely could perform better with time – if the membership takes that on as a project.  Putting MVR out there alone into the great sea of websites hoping to garner vast amounts of visibility is an exercise in futility.  Filtering one website per second it would take 31.6 years non-stop to touch the billion websites out there- hence, search engines are heavily used. Yet, the average person rarely visits more than 90 total web domains ever, and that would mean that expecting peoples’ site hoping to gain exposure is expecting to be found among 999,999,910 web sites – roughly.  The chance of being found are roughly one in a billion or in terms we can all appreciate, an MVR member is five time more likely to win the lotto than to be seen on its web site.  The trick is to find a way to put MVR in the 90 sites an individual visits.   The best established way to do that is Content, Content, Content.  And that my friends is where you come in.


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