Museum for a Day, June 7?

monvalleyadmin February 17, 2020EditorialFeatureTours

     On Valentines Day a majority of the MVR Board of Directors traveled to the Greensburg Museum of Modern Art to meet with  CEO Anne Kraybill and Education Director, Lisa Stipp.  The purpose of the meet was to explore collaboration on setting up an event that displays MVR member cars as rolling art and provide our membership a day tour.  Anne and Lisa were enthusiastic to be approached with our proposal as the museum attempted to organize a cruise-like event in 2019 but found considerable competition for participating cars because of the large number of cruises in the Greensburg area. WMAA  seeks to tap into the energy within the car collector community to drive interest in the museum’s programs and serve the community at large. Here is where MVR fits the needs of the museum.

     Pending approval by the membership, MVR will provide a number of cars for the June 7 WMAA community day activities. There are other community days, so the exact date is still on the table. MVR must commit to a group of collectible cars for viewing for 4 hours between 11 AM and 3 PM. During that time the members can represent their cars, visit the museum (through a private guided tour for our group if desired) or explore Greensburg attractions. There will be food vendors brought in by the museum. Patronizing any of the local businesses and eateries within walking distance is not out of the question. We have the availability of supplying a scheduled educational presentation that can showcase information of our choice.

     For years we have been trying to discover ways of increasing our visibility. This is a fabulous opportunity for advertising our brand and potentially bringing in new members. It integrates with our normal operations to boot! For providing a diversity of artistic appeal to the museum, 200 or more people will come through our car display. Showing up with enthusiasm guarantees success for all. Pray for a dry day!

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