Ten years a member, would you join again?

monvalleyadmin March 27, 2019Editorial

I have been a member of the MVR for nearly ten years.  In that span, I spent most of my time working on restorations to have for participating in the club’s events.  My reasoning was to use the money and time for the completion of my cars instead of travel and fellowship with fellow members. I have mixed feelings about that decision, but cannot change the past, so why commiserate? Just let it be known that today I would choose differently.  The people in the club are fine members and surely would do whatever they could for a fellow member, and that is a worthy thing to cultivate.


There are few perks to belonging to any club unless you are willing to make the effort to realize them.  The MVR- AACA association starts with enthusiasts of automotive everything. So, there is a place for anyone who holds an allure to autos of any sort.  I brought to MVR exposure on the web. As well, I have taken on providing presentations at regular meetings. I do what I do best and acceptance is my reward.  Yes, roles come with expectations.  I spend  a dozen hours each month attending to my club commitment. Working to a professional level of service is my contribution and source of satisfaction. Our board of directors are always looking for new blood. A healthy membership is the pathway to success. Making the club’s work attractive is the key.

Success and fulfillment

Attracting new members is a difficult endeavor.  It is always a struggle to bring in fresh ideas and participants unless there is a truly compelling payoff for a new member. Any new member must have a need that a club can fulfill. For MVR and all clubs suffering attrition, promotion of a cause, visibility, and community involvement needs renewed. It is selfless work. That it is “work” cannot be understated.  There are no freebies in life. Successful clubs have workers willing to cause success. Success and fulfillment are our products. We need to sell these products.  Cars are simply our first common interest.  If you are a member, volunteer to do something, If you don’t belong to a club, join one. You will be appreciated.  Join MVR.  We need new talent for making a better club for all. In that, every member can carry a righteous pride.

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